The Sportsman's Lounge
21 March 2013, Edmonton, Alberta

A relatively innocuous sports bar at 50th street and Sherwood Park freeway, the Sportsman's Lounge is rapidly becoming a nirvana for live music in Edmonton. Last Friday night's show attracted a who's who of the E-town metal, hip hop and rock scenes including several members from Guardians of Power, Jezibelle, River Valley Search Party, Jaide herself and a number of other celebs. Angie from music-photo/video-specialist Vintage Reprise was also there, immortalizing the epic event in pics.

The several hundred people in attendance made for a party that rocked hard past 2:00 AM. A folky, funky rock starter, Van Funk & the LeBarons thoroughly warmed up the crowd starting at 9:45 PM with Stu Murland from Dogs Mercury sitting in on drums for the second half of their set. Dogs Mercury hit the stage a little after 11:00 PM and blew away the crowd with what could be described as a masterful blend of Deep Purple, Zeppelin and Floyd -- a near psychedelic 70s visceral feel you should write home about.

Major Chaos then turned the heavy way, way up, playing from 12:30 to past 2:00 AM. By 2:00 AM, a not-at-all-thinned-out crowd, having been properly whipped into a frenzy was practically on stage, banging hard within a few feet of the band. Major Chaos laid down originals A Few Good Men, No Time For Fear, Harmful, Torn and Blister, and added enough Maiden, Megadeth and Priest to loosen your fillings, finally ending the night with an ultra heavy rendition of System of a Down's BYOB. In the words of one spectator, it was "an extravaganza of heavy metal awesomeness".

Special thanks to Gully and Stu for organizing the event, Erin and the Dogs for taking care of the door, Alan for zee sound, and Dwight from the Sportsman's Lounge for taking extra good care of us.

- John Sobota